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Saving Cinderella

Saving Cinderella -- Out now from The Wild Rose Press

It's Cinderella in reverse when socialite Mallory Katherine Bellsford goes from riches to rags, compliments of Jonathan Ryan MacFarland, her guardian angel. Posing as a taxi driver, Jonathan is waiting outside the church when Mallory, only moments away from saying, "I Do" learns that her fiancé has a pregnant girlfriend. Mallory soon discovers that the quirky Irish taxi driver is about to take her on the ride of her life. Jonathan has a mission to accomplish. He is charged with saving Mallory from self-destruction. He strips her of her identity and informs her that her life as a pampered rich girl is over. The only way to regain her former life is to open her heart. She must find, and then give, love. Mission impossible, because Mallory doesn't believe in love. . . that is until Adam Chandler and his daughter Hope enter her life.

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"Look, just forget it. It was a crazy idea. It would never work. We’d end up-"

Adam placed a finger over her lips. "What’s your name?"


He could see the confusion on her face. She looked about thirty seconds away from bolting. He scooped his jacket from the ground and wrapped it around her shoulders. "I’m an old fashioned kind of guy. Little things like knowing my wife’s name are important to me."

"Mallory Katherine Bellsford," she said.

"Congratulations, Mallory Katherine Bellsford. You’ve just made yourself a deal."

Mallory looked into the stormy eyes of her new partner. A deal she thought with a shiver or a pact with the devil.


"The twists and turns wrapped together intricately in this engaging story line. Its originality will entertain anyone who picks up this wonderful author’s book. Her work promises to never leave the reader unsatisfied." - Rebecca Savage, WRDF

Prior to publication Saving Cinderella took 1st place and was given the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence (Paranormal Division).