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Packaged Deal Package Deal -- Out now from The Wild Rose Press

Luke Sloan is Harley and leather. Molly Porter is station wagon and cotton. He's a never been married, never had kids, card carrying member of the Bachelor's Club. She a divorced foster mom with four kids. Without her knowledge, Molly's kids enter her in a contest. Her face will appear on billboards and magazines across the country. The kids view this as the perfect opportunity for her to meet Mr. Right and for them to gain a father. Raising four kids, and running her day care center, leaves Molly with little time for anything else. The last thing she wants is Mr. Right. Luke Sloan, the owner of the advertising company handling the contest has a don't-call-me-daddy attitude. The last thing he wants is Ms. Right and her four kids. Opposites attract, and this unlikely pair soon discovers what neither of them want might be what both of them need.

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"Your kids don’t strike me as slow. They’re not going to buy a love at first sight story."

"It looks like you’ll have your work cut out for you. Come on, your game is advertising." She paused and winked at him. "You can sell anything."

"Let me see if I’ve got this right." He tapped his index finger. "One. You expect me to play the loving husband." He paused to tap a second finger. "Two. Share a bed with you—"

"No, no, no.” she corrected him. "Scratch number two. We won’t be sharing a bed. Just a bedroom."

"I see. So, along with taking my name, you expect me to be celibate for a year?"
She curled her fingers and rubbed them against her lips. "I hadn’t thought about that. It does present a small problem." 

"Gee, you think?"


"Ms. Bolk has penned a sweet and romantic story of how sometimes the very best things in life really do come as a Package Deal. - Robin Bayne, Award winning, Romance Author

Package Deal was nominated for Best Romance 2010 at the Predators and Editors Reader poll.