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Donna Author PictureAs I contemplate what to put in this About Me section, I’m wondering what would you the reader like to know.

About Me is such a wide-open field, but I’ll do my best to fence in (pun intended) a little about me. And just maybe, I’ll hit on something that interests you. That’s my goal as a writer, to catch your interest, and in doing so, entice you to pick up a book with the name Donna L. Bolk on the cover.

Here’s a brief my life from 1955 to the present. I was born in Connecticut, the second oldest of nine children, raised in upstate New York, at the whim of the US Army resettled in Maryland, where I now make my home.

I met and married my husband of thirty-one years at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, while we were attending Advanced Military Training.

Our three sons were born at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Silver Springs, Maryland. My sons reached a point when they no longer wanted to travel. My military career came to a halt.

As my boys grew into young men, and my home became empty, I discovered my love for dogs. It began with a little yorkie name Tigger, who for 17 years held the title of best friend. About four years after Tigger entered my life I welcomed my buddy Mordred a mixed corgie/yorkie. Then came the girls, two bichons and a toy poodle, and last to join our family was Tenchi, a male bichon with more heart then smart.

I have my girls to thank for my current day job. I own and operate a dog grooming salon. How blessed I am to have two jobs that I love so much, dog groomer by day and author by night.

Prior to the release of my award winning paranormal romance, Saving Cinderella, I wrote a community column and human-interest features for  local newspapers. My short stories have appeared in newspapers, and on line. I am a former book reviewer for Affaire de Coeur magazine and currently review for several on-line sites.

I am the past president of Maryland Romance Writers and held the title of Maryland Regional Representative for the National Association of Woman Writers.

If you’ve stuck with me this far and you read the quote on my home page, you know I’m the water not the wine woman. My books feature everyday heroes with a heavy dose of look what just happened!

In closing the About Me gate, I’ll end with the hope that I’ve caught your interest and you’ll read and enjoy my stories, and so do my fur kids (because with each new book comes a new dog toy).    

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